Welcome To The Status3six5 Blog!

Hey all! It’s Taylor, the female half of Status3six5. My husband Spencer and I have been creating content on YouTube under the name Status3six5 for a few years now. I started this blog for us as a fresh start from my old one and as a companion to our channel. Here’s a bit about the events that have led up to now.

Some Background Info

A very long time ago I wanted to start a YouTube gaming channel. I loved playing video games but didn’t have the tech to record it. I settled for creating a regular channel where I talked about pretty much whatever I wanted. One day Spencer said “Hey we should make a gaming channel together. We have so much fun playing games together, I think others would have fun watching us too.”

I agreed and came up with the name Status3six5 Games. The “Status” is from Spencer’s channel where he shares the music he makes, and the “3six5” came from my since deleted channel (and blog) Teezie3six5.

We had so much fun sharing our gaming shenanigans and we met a ton of new friends along the way! We then decided to create a separate channel for anything non gaming. A couple years and almost 200 gaming videos later, we just weren’t feeling the gaming channel anymore. Don’t get me wrong, we still play games. We were gamers before YouTube was even thought of and will be for years to come. The channel just seemed dry. People weren’t interacting with us as much anymore and it started becoming a hassle to upload content there. That’s when we decided to shift focus solely on our second channel.

We won’t be posting on the gaming channel but we will leave it up, for anyone interested in watching,  here.

So What Kind Of Content Should I Expect?

I’m glad you asked! This is a lifestyle blog so you can expect to see our personal adventures, product unboxings, life advice and even video game posts. Basically, if we’re passionate about it we’ll be sharing it with you. We are here to have fun and put smiles on some faces 😀

Let’s Get The Ball Rolling!

Welcome to the family! We can’t wait to get to know you guys and share our adventures with you. If you want to play catch up before we start rolling out new content you can go here.

Thanks so much for reading. Have a blessed day.  – Taylor ❤


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