Getting Crafty For A Cause

Hey there! Just recently I took up making resin keychains in my spare time. I’ve always loved how they look and once I figured out they were easy to make I got to it. I made a few just for testing purposes and then I got an idea; why not make some as gifts for the moms of my students!

A Little Info On What I Do

I work as a Classroom Assistant at a school for children with Autism. I love my job , the kids, and the people I work with. I’m truly blessed that I ended up where I am today.

Keychain Info

The symbol for Autism Awareness is a puzzle piece which can come in a variety of colors. The most common colors I’ve seen are red, yellow, blue and light blue so those are the ones I chose. I figured it would be cool to give the moms something I created especially for them that you can’t really find anywhere else. They were made to show how much I love their kids and how appreciated they are for their great work as moms!

How To Get Yours/Future Etsy Shop?

If you know/are related to anyone with Autism or know of someone else who is, please share this post with them or shoot me an email. I would love to make them an Autism Awareness keychain for FREE. I do not charge for these because I wouldn’t feel right accepting money for something to do with Autism unless I was raising it for my school. If I do get a chance to do a fundraiser with these keychains I’ll let you all know!

Also, I have been thinking about opening another Etsy shop (yes another…different story for a different day haha) for the other keychains I’ll be making to sell. I’ll keep you all updated on that here as I get more things done. For now you can check out my Instagram (@Teezie_D) to see my newest creations and to see if you’re interested in purchasing one!

Thank you all so much for stopping by! I’ll see you next time. God bless ya! – Taylor ❤


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