I Made Avocado Black Bean Brownies

Say it ain’t so! Brownies that are a bit healthier AND they taste good?

That’s what I thought after making some for myself. I don’t remember how I fell down the avocado rabbit hole on Pinterest, but I’m glad I did. I started out looking at chocolate pudding made from avocados and then boom! I found the best recipe ever from Ambitious Kitchen.

Avocados And Black Beans? But How?

To be honest I have no clue how two foods you wouldn’t think twice about putting in dessert make such a great brownie. Really I’m more surprised at the black beans. Once I blended everything together, and tasted the batter of course, I wouldn’t have even know they were in there if I didn’t make them myself. After they baked and cooled they were gooey and fudgy just like I love my brownies.

Compared To Box Brownie Mix… 

I Had A Little Sample hehe

I usually buy Ghirardelli brownie mix (the dark chocolate chip kind) but I won’t be anytime soon. I don’t think I can go back to those with all of the healthier and fresher ingredients in these homemade ones. They’re better for ya’ but they definitely don’t taste that way. Trust me, I HATE sweets that are good for you but taste like garbage so when I say this recipe is a keeper, I mean it wholeheartedly. :p

Ok So What Else Is In These So Called Brownies?

I’m glad you asked! You can click here  Ambitious Kitchen Brownie Recipe to go straight to her recipe page. I am not sure how she came up with this but I’m sure glad she did. My life has changed for the better haha!


Does this sound good to you guys? I encourage you to try them and share if you thought they were as delicious as I did! What other healthy sweets have you tried? I am eager to hear new ideas. As always, thank you for reading! Have a blessed day B-Squad. – Taylor ❤





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