Adventure #2 | Build-A-Bear Workshop

When my mom would take me to the mall as a child, I always wanted to look in the Build-A-Bear store. I was in love with stuffed animals ( I still am haha) and wanted to make one of my own. Fast forward years later and finally at age 24 I got to make one! My awesome husband and I headed out Saturday morning to go make my bear (and get an oil change) and it was awesome.

How Our experience Went

We got there as soon as the store opened so we could film without too many people around and explain to the people who worked there what we were doing and if it was ok. After that we were shown a wall full of little stuffed animals to choose from. I didn’t really know what I wanted so I picked a bear that fit into the Valentine’s day theme. It even smelled sweet like candy. Picture going through the car wash while the sweet smelling soap falls onto your car.That’s the smell!

After that we went over to the fluffing station to fill up my empty shell of a bear. The woman asked me to stand on the pedal so that the fluff would come out. While she was fluffing she asked about our YouTube channel and what other adventures we had been on. She was really nice and super awesome.

When the fluffing was finished I got to give my bear a heart! It was funny because I had to do all of these things with the heart before I put it into the bear. For example I had to “rub it on my ear so she’d know all of my secrets” and “rub it on my toes so she could be TOE-DALLY awesome like me”. We all laughed every time she told me the next thing to do. Imagine an adult jumping up and down or making a wish with their bear heart. That was me 😀

I gave my bear a “bath” which was just brushing its fur under a fan and then I picked out a cool outfit for it. Before we paid and left I got to make my bear a birth certificate and give it a name (I named her Wu-Tang). This place is the real deal haha. img_2146img_2145

How About Those Prices?

Including the bear and it’s clothes we paid about $40 for it. I know that’s a lot for a bear but for the experience we had, it was all worth it.

To check out the video of our adventure, including a trip to a new donut shop in our mall, click here!

Well I hope you all enjoyed hearing about our Build-A-Bear Workshop adventure. We had so much fun. Let us know if you have ever made one or if you want to in the future! See you next time and God bless you! – Taylor ❤


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