Soultanicals First Impressions!

Hey all! A few weeks ago I entered a contest to win some hair products from the company Soultanicals. Guess what? I won a bunch of goodies and today I’m gonna show you how they worked!

First, A Little About My HairDSC00262

I have natural hair. It’s kinda curly when wet (like in the pic) or with product in it, but if I let it air dry without twisting it, good luck haha! That said, I have found some great products that help me manage my hair and bring out the curliness.

Let’s Get Deep! (corny I know..bare with me)

So before styling of course I washed my hair and then deep conditioned it. I used the shampoo I already had and deep conditioned with a Soultanicals deep conditioner. Here’s the scoop.DSC00283

Product: Afrotastic Curl Elastic Deep Conditioning Treat

Consistency: Thick but smooth like lotion.

Smell: Can’t quite put my finger on it. Like some kind of fruit and butter? Haha

First Impression: I loved how easy it was to spread on my hair ( I usually use Shea Moisture’s Manuka Honey Deep Conditioner which is suuuuper thick). It was super slippery as well. It sat on my hair for 45 minutes while I watched Fear The Walking Dead and then I rinsed it out. My hair was a bit softer than usual. I’ll most likely buy it when it’s sold in stores. For now I’ll go back to my usual when it runs out.

The Battle For The Moisturizing Champion Begins!


Before you stand many leave-ins/moisturizers/detanglers! Who will take home the crown? Will it be:

Mango Dip Detangling Slip: It smells sweet and fruity like mango juice or candy. Like it’s name says, it detangles with lots of slip and has a lotion-like consistency. I’ve never used a product that went on that smoothly. Then again  I never use detanglers sooo..

Can’t Believe It’s Knot Butta: This one smells like a cookie from Buskens (if you aren’t from Ohio you probably don’t know what a Busken cookie is. They’re awesome though trust me). Think of the smell of vanilla and butter mixed together. It has a whippy buttery texture but didn’t go on my hair that smoothly.

Knot Sauce Coil Detangler: Basically everything I said about the Mango Dip but instead of smelling like candy, it also smells like a Busken cookie. It’s more on the brown sugar side though.

Fluff-A-Licious Curl Nutricious: Same as the Knot Butta as far as smell and how it went on my hair. The consistency was more like lotion.

Marula-Muru Moisture Guru: My least favorite. Smelled like cocoa but not good. Think of the Hershey’s Lip Smackers from back in the day 😦 It was pretty smooth with some small bits of something waxy in it. It also didn’t go on smoothly.

Now For The Most Important Parts: Styling And Results!

For comparison purposes I’ll let it be known that I usually use As I Am Naturally’s Double Butter Cream and Curls Blueberry Bliss Oil as my moisturizers and Curls Blueberry Bliss Curl Control Jelly as a styler. This combo works great but the oil gets on my bonnet and breaks me out sometimes so I didn’t use it this time. All I used were the products shown above and the Blueberry Bliss Jelly.

From left to right: Marula-Muru, Fluff, Knot Sauce, Knot Butta and Mango Dip!


As pictured, I tested out each product (under the jelly) on individual twists. Saves time and effort heh heh. Nothing really looks out of the ordinary here besides the twist on the far left. The Marula-Muru and the jelly didn’t mix too well. I used the mango dip on the rest of my head because why not?


DSC00276                       I allowed my hair to fully dry for 24 hours before I took the twists down. It dried crunchy and kinda hard 😦

As you can see riiiight there in the middle (where the Knot Sauce was) is a huge clump of flakes. In person you’d be able to see more all over. As I said before, I use an oil to prevent flakes but I left it out this time to see how these new products did on their own. I had to go in and untwist, wet with water and retwist my hair with oil because flakes were falling down like snow haha. Even after doing that, my hair all around was still flakey in some areas 🙁. That being said there was some shine going on there.

I will actually use SOME of these bad boys again. So much so that I picked two that I’m in love with, despite the major snowfall that landed in my hair.

Annnd The Winners Arrrre…

The Knot Sauce and the Mango Dip! Even though I had frosted flakes everywhere, I loved how easy it was to get through my hair with these detanglers. I’m sure I can get them to work either with a different gel or by adding a little bit of oil and I’m determined to make it happen. The Knot Butta, Marula-Muru and Fluff-A-Licious just didn’t cut it for me. I couldn’t spread them through my hair easily enough which caused tangled, stuck together ends. I’ll be passing those along to my mom who pretty much uses anything.

I hope this first impressions post gave you all some insight on some cool products you can try. As always, different strokes for different folks! Let me know if you guys have tried Soultanicals and what you thought about it. See ya next time! God bless ❤


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